Integrate the Vieras API solution for online business intelligence related to hotels!

Vieras identifies the most important information regarding online hotel reputation from social media and online review sites so hoteliers/hotel marketing agencies etc can make sense of real-time buzz, identify trends, understand sentiment and act accordingly.


All this can be offered through a streamlined communication via API as a value-add or new revenue stream for your business!

Why the Vieras API is simply awesome:

The API is written in Scala which by design is scalable and delivers quality data to our end users

We operate under SSL encryption and this ensures customers that the data we exchange is secure.

It can accommodate any traffic volume without any service disruptions, and without missing a single request. It’s reliable and accurate.

We have combined Scala with the Akka system so as to ensured that our system is Asynchronous and Distributed by Design.

If your business / platform could benefit from this depth of data crawling and analysis related to the hospitality industry