Manage online reputation
and corporate branding


Increase customer satisfaction
and build a customer base

Reputation is revenue

A better reputation translates into greater visibility, that means
more potential guests and increased bookings!

Streamline marketing initiatives with Vieras, a SaaS business intelligence platform for the hospitality industry. User friendly and smart, Vieras combines social monitoring, analytics, and reporting, and packages it so that you get all the actionable insights you need, conveniently in one place. With Vieras you can manage online communications and corporate branding, increase customer satisfaction, and build a customer base.

Increase customer satisfaction

Vieras gives immediate insight into customer satisfaction – the good, the bad, and the ugly. What does that mean in practice? A downward turn in reviews and comments may mean that there is a problem that needs addressing – and with the Vieras platform, managers can locate those sore points and turn them around before they hurt business and revenues.

Equipped with this real-time business intelligence, managers can make changes that have a direct impact on customer satisfaction in both the immediate and long-term – changes that may even result in completely new product offerings and revenue streams never before considered. If customer satisfaction is good management knows they’re on the right track and can aim to recreate the same environment for their guests. If customer satisfaction is low, management can hone in on the problem that is at its core.

The real value is that Vieras users aren’t left guessing what is going on and creating expensive campaigns without knowing whether (or how) they will impact their customer base. Using trends analysis and monitoring, management knows ahead of time what their customers want, need, and are asking for – and can meet those needs before they’re even demanded!

There is no better way to satisfy customers than being able to predict what they want ahead of time!
The bottom line is that businesses can strategically plan based on their strengths and weaknesses, and incrementally increase customer satisfaction!

Effective web marketing

A strategic marketing campaign is required to be able to attract guests. As more guests turn to social media and review sites to write – and read – good and bad reviews or feedback, online reputation monitoring has become the key online generator to receive feedback and gauge customer satisfaction.

From monitoring guests, industry and competition, managers are able to glean business intelligence that then allows them to build a sound social and online strategy. That means:

Maximum impact

For each campaign dollar spent since Vieras’ business intelligence enables you to locate the best channels.

Targeted campaigns

Means LESS money is wasted.

Cost savings

On time and resources.

Assess competitor performance

Campaigns before they impact your customer base and plan a counter-strategy.

Predict and respond

To customer demands ahead of time through business insight.

Manage online reputation

Through monitoring feedback data, and conveniently having all reviews and comments accessible in the one place, managers can respond immediately and in real-time to negative feedback (making a good impression even though a guest may have had a bad experience, and potentially turning them into advocates!) and manage potential PR crises before they get out of hand.

Research has shown that travelers prefer to choose hotels with better managed responses over a comparable one without responses. Greater engagement and more reviews impacts revenue since more reviews give hotels the following:

Greater visibility
More potential guests and a better reputation
Increased bookings!

Manage online branding

Vieras helps you track your brand performance online:

Low engagement and no comments in your community?
With Vieras you will know when and why.

When did your excellent reviews reach a peak? What happened on that day? With insight from Vieras you will be able to recreate the same environment for your guests!

When did your room service start having bad reviews? Is there something to be addressed at the very core of your business, before it becomes a problem?

Is your hotel a romantic destination for couples? Focus on your target group and see what they think about your business and what they want.

Vieras helps you to understand how visitors feel about your brand whilst insightful graphs help track your hotel services. The instant downloadable report allows you to see changes in customer feedback and performance so you can assess the impact of campaigns on reputation and brand over time.  You will be able to track responses and tweak your online messaging accordingly.

Community management

With social monitoring and insight managers can see which channels they need to focus on to build community, manage that community, and impact loyalty. Managers are able to develop relationships with key people to aid branding, and develop a community of influencers who will act as brand advocates.

Today third party social recommendations and social / online presence and branding is what most influences consumer choice – with brand advocacy, and a strong community and online presence, hotels have some control over the messaging that takes place online.

Build a customer base

With a focus on loyalty, retention and long-term relationships, relationship marketing revolves around developing strong connections with customers by directly providing them with information that is tailored to their needs, wants and interests. This emphasizes increased word-of-mouth activity (online that means social media and blogs) and repeat business and a willingness on the customer’s part to provide information to the organization. This kind of marketing is important because it builds loyalty and stops customers from dating with the competition.

The bottom line is that for customers who do want a relationship with your brand, their concerns are primarily about how useful you prove yourself to be – that is, it’s about shared values. Your job is to build a company that people love to talk about – and social media, content and customer service are important channels in relationship marketing. Vieras empowers hotels to build these important relationships through targeted content on the right channels, and the ability to respond in real-time to customer communication. It is the essential tool for providing professional customer service online.

Vieras Hotel Online Reputation Management Platform, Is One Single Interface That Handles All The Details Of Your Hotel’s Online Reputation.

Collect The Data You Need To Make Better Business Decisions.