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Visitor origin - Athens

Where do most visitors come from? For hotels this may determine where your advertising budget goes so take note!

Type of stay - Athens

What kind of travelers visit this destination? Are they couples after a romantic getaway, solo travelers looking for adventure, groups of friends after a good time, families with children or business travelers?

Reviews - Athens

The Vieras score gives an evaluation of the hotels in this destination. It is determined by many factors including social sentiment, guest sentiment, and the score given by multiple reviews sites.

Check out also the total number of reviews - both positive and negative - to understand whether guests are engaged with hotels in the area as this could determine whether they return. If guests are are engaged, are they generally happy with their experience?

Vieras score: 9.1/10
Total number of reviews: 3758
Positive reviews: 3295
Negative Reviews: 66

Evaluation of services - Athens

This graph gives an overview of the hotel guest experience. Guests evaluate their overall stay in terms of value for money, location, cleanliness, staff etc. Remember this is collated data from hotels located in the chosen destination.

Sentiment - Athens

How do people feel about staying in this area? Is there a trend in guest sentiment that hotels and businesses can leverage, or is there something consistently negative that needs to be addressed?

What are visitors saying about Athens

This tag cloud shows you predominant trends - the most common words and phrases collected from thousands of travel reviews and comments.

How can you use this information? You may find a piece of information about guests and their stays that had slipped you by…. for example a problem that needs to be addressed, or even something great that you can make sure you offer them again in the future.